“Macaca!” by AND-RÉ

Office Name: AND-RÉ

SuperHATCH Name: ”Macaca!”

“Macaca!” is a recreation pattern that offers smiles, inviting users to engage, play and interact, providing new experiences and memories to the user, as well as a playful identity for the site.



“STARS” by LAB / arq

Office Name: LAB / arq

SuperHATCH Name: ”STARS”

This hatch is maybe one of the most unused hatch of the
autocad. For this reason I decided to use it as a tribute
to its pattern.The hatch makes use of a rather kitsch
figure, the star in a geometric figure with a rather
childlike drawing.The star will create a playful/kitsch and
rather insolit image in the environment of the Praça da
Igreja de São Domingos. Stars represent the beauty of
the banality.


“wood” | “madeira” by EMBAIXADA arquitectura

Office Name: EMBAIXADA arquitectura

SuperHATCH Name: “wood” | “madeira”

St. Domingos, probably the most beautifull church
in Lisbon is an extraordinary artifact of history with
interventions raging from its edification on the XIII
century. In the 50’s its interior was all burnout, fueled by
and consuming all the WOOD of the interiors.
We hope a scale pattern of WOOD could now help to fuel
its interior with visitors by designing a path towards it.Imagen

“Shadows” by Camilo Rebelo

Office Name: Camilo Rebelo

SuperHATCH Name: Shadow

One of the most striking and beautiful features of the city of Lisbon is the existence of shadows on a bright sunny day, projected in the light-colored pavement. The contrast is powerful. Architects use the representation of shadows in their drawings to give an idea about the orientation as well as the height of the buildings. Our proposal is to create a permanent shadow that combines the morning and the sunset actual shadows that appear in the square.


looking for your personal superhatch

We would like to invite you to take part in the urban action called “SUPERHATCH”, a project developed by PKMN and curated by Ariadna Cantis inside the third  Lisbon  Architecture Triennale as associated project of Close, Closer.

SUPERHATCH proposes an ANALOGICAL RE-INTERPRETATION in real scale of a digital graphic tool: Cad Hatch Patterns.

Hatch Patterns don’t have a scale though they’re used to represent the real materials that are used on public space design in cities. The re-interpretation process that we propose consists on the physical drawing with plastic tape of some of these hatch patterns superimposed to surface of a square in Lisbon. This square will be a very crowded place in the center of Lisbon: Praça “Igreja de Sao Domingos”.

For your participation we ask you for something very simple: which  hatch pattern  would you use at Praça “Igreja de Sao Domingos”? This hatch has to be accompanied by a short  text (no more than 140 characters) justifying your choice. The hatch can be one already designed or you can propose a new one. We have attached a dwg document and you only have to open it and replace the pattern with your superhatch.

All hatch patterns sended by portuguese office will be uploaded in this digital plattform in order to share the ideas and create a discussion about them. People will be able to comment the proposals and the hatch pattern more commented will be the pattern choosen to be drawn in real scale over the Praça “Igreja de Sao Domingos” during 7th of november.

The deadline to receive you superhatch will be the 15th of october. 

If you want to participate, you can send us an email to pkmn.es@gmail.com and we will send you the instrucctions. Its very simple!

Looking forward to your SUPERHATCH!!!