Office Name: LIKE Architects

SuperHATCH Name: “Mirage”

Urban Mirage is an intervention that dilutes the existing reality (stone pavement) with the reflection of the existing reality above itself (people, buildings, sky, etc.). Parallel stripes of mirrored tape will generate multiple defragmented images of in-existing urban realities creating optical illusions in the public space.



“Arabesque” by D.S. Group

Office Name: D.S. group

SuperHATCH Name: “Arabesque”

This pattern is an inspiration on the old arabic pattern  used in the old town of Lisbon, before it get destroyed by the earthquake.


“3D Cubic” by D.S. Group

Office Name: D.S. group

SuperHATCH Name: “3D Cubic”

This pattern is an attempt to mimic the geometry of the facades of the surronding buildings. Start from this point, there is an intention to transform this floor into an optical illusion. So that this square becames more interactive with the user.


“azulejos” by António Brigas & Mª Luisa Vázquez

Office Name: António Brigas & Mª Luisa Vázquez

SuperHATCH Name: “azulejos”

Lisboa is Azulejos. They are all around the city, giving color and life to façades of historic and non historic buildings. With a change in scale, a loss of color and a change from wall to ground we hope to give a new point of view to the azulejos and to the “Igreja de São Domingos” square.


“Release” by Humberto Conde Arq.

Office Name: Humberto Conde Arq

SuperHATCH Name: “Release”

A point of attraction in the middle of the square is our proposal. Aligned to the entrance of St. Domingos Church, it comes as a reminder of the fire that consumed its interior. The pigeon is a symbol of the release from the past and an invitation to the peaceful and amazing interior space, with so many secrets to tell, where the architecture is the construction and the destruction.


“STARS” by LAB / arq

Office Name: LAB / arq

SuperHATCH Name: ”STARS”

This hatch is maybe one of the most unused hatch of the
autocad. For this reason I decided to use it as a tribute
to its pattern.The hatch makes use of a rather kitsch
figure, the star in a geometric figure with a rather
childlike drawing.The star will create a playful/kitsch and
rather insolit image in the environment of the Praça da
Igreja de São Domingos. Stars represent the beauty of
the banality.


“wood” | “madeira” by EMBAIXADA arquitectura

Office Name: EMBAIXADA arquitectura

SuperHATCH Name: “wood” | “madeira”

St. Domingos, probably the most beautifull church
in Lisbon is an extraordinary artifact of history with
interventions raging from its edification on the XIII
century. In the 50’s its interior was all burnout, fueled by
and consuming all the WOOD of the interiors.
We hope a scale pattern of WOOD could now help to fuel
its interior with visitors by designing a path towards it.Imagen